2-Unit CubeSat deployer

Flight heritage since 2015

Price on request

The ISIPOD is developed within the scope of ISIS’ Launch Services as a lightweight European Launch Adapter for very small satellites in the range of pico- and nanosatellites as an answer to the launch demand from these satellite developers. The system can be acquired together with an ISILaunch, but the system is also sold separately

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  • The ISIPOD is available in 1U, 2U, 3U and custom versions (e.g. 4U*, 5U* or additions such as a ½U).
    * the 3U is the largest version currently available off-the-shelf, however larger units are expected to follow soon.
  • The double unit (2U) ISIPOD can be used for both dedicated 2U CubeSat launches and for shared CubeSat launches consisting of a combination of two smaller 1U CubeSats.
  • Access Panel:
    • One side of the ISIPOD allows for access to the integrated CubeSat. This is the side that is used for mounting the ISIPOD, and can be removed entirely. This means that the entire area between the guiderails over the entire CubeSat length can be accessed.
  • The ISIPOD inner additional envelope is 10.0 [mm] which allows for CubeSats to extend in lateral directions up to 9.0 [mm]+
    Compared to 6,5 [mm] of the CalPoly CubeSat interface standard.
  • The ISIPOD does not rely on a battery pack, nor does the ISIPOD need power to stay closed. Therefore charging of the ISIPOD is not necessary.
  • The Status System relies on redundant implemented deployment status switches.
  • The ISIPOD is compatible with most launch vehicle pyro pulse signals to operate its electrical actuator. This is a non-explosive device which is testable, resetable and reusable without refurbishments.
  • Release System operating values:
    • Typical Actuation Voltage = 28 V       (Range ± 4V)
    • Typical Current Consumption = 1.75 A
    • Typical Pulse Duration = 250 ms
  • Thermal range:
    • Tsurvive_min: – 50 °C
    • Toperation_min: – 35 °C
    • Toperation_max: + 80 °C
    • Tsurvive_max: + 90 °C
  • Qualification Levels:
    • Quasi Static Load = 15.0 g
    • Sine Vibration = 4.0 g 10 Hz to 100 Hz
    • Random Vibration = 14.1 grms @ 3 sigma
    • Shock Load = 20 g @100 Hz; 2000 g @ 2 kHz; 6000 g @ 8 kHz
    • Fn greater than 90 Hz
    • Flight Heritage since 2015 on PSLV
  • Mass ISIPOD: 1.75 kg
  • Nominal Payload Mass: 2.0 kg
  • Maximum Payload Mass: 4.0 kg (=200%)
  • Outside envelope: 2U ISIPOD: 300.6 x 130.3 x 180.8 mm
  • Inner Envelope (CubeSat envelope) : 100 x 100 x 227.0 mm
  • Connectors (on ISIPOD):
    • Release System: Male DSUB9 Connector
    • Status System: Female DSUB9 Connector
  • Shipped inside a PeliCase container with documentation