arcsec Twinkle star tracker

arcsec Twinkle star tracker

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The Twinkle Star Tracker offers arc second range pointing accuracy to your CubeSat. The custom algorithms are optimized for accuracy, robustness and low computational cost. The star tracker is extremely compact and easy to interface in CubeSats and large satellites. Due to its small size, several can be mounted under different angles.
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Additional information


  • Compact system (20x20x40) mm
  • Highly accurate: 15 arc seconds (1 sigma) cross-boresight, 90 arc seconds (1 sigma) around boresight
  • Update rate up to 2Hz
  • Lost-in-space availability > 99% of the night sky
  • On-board calibration algorithm
  • Autonomous outlier star detection and removal
  • Electronics and optics radiation tested
  • +5V required
  • 20x20x40mm
  • RS485
  • thoroughly tested: Vibration, TVac, optics radiation electronics radiation, etc.
  • Absolute Knowledge error (cross-boresight) 15 arcsec (1 sigma)
  • Absolute Knowledge error (around boresight) 90 arcsec (1 sigma)
  • Nominal power consumption < 1 W