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The BiSon64-B sensor consists of a standard BiSon64 to which a small baffle is added to reduce the influence of albedo signals originating from outside the measurement field of view.

Adding less than 5 grams to the sensors the baffle allows to increase the accuracy of the sensors significantly if albedo signals or reflections from structural parts are present.

*unit price is dependent on order quantity

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  • ITAR free
  • FOV >±55 degrees on axis, > ±60 degrees diagonal ( ±58° nominal >±68° diagonal nominal )
    Accuracy 0,5 degrees 3σ (calibrated)
    3.5 degrees 3σ (non-calibrated)
    Operating temperature range -40°C to +80°C
    Qualification temperature range -45°C to +85°C
    Mass < 21.7±1 grams
    10kΩ NTC temperature sensor inside package
    First eigenfrequency > 500Hz
    Housing material Al6082-T6
    Surface treatment Surtec 650