Chameleon Imager

Chameleon Imager


The Chameleon is a compact CubeSat imager that provides:

  • High resolution Multispectral or Hyperspectral linescan imaging or
  • High framerate RGB Bayer-pattern imaging
  • Large integrated high-speed data storage
  • Compact form factor that is optimised for integration with 3U or larger CubeSat frames

The Chameleon imager takes advantage of the space-qualified electronics of the Gecko imager and combines this with high-performance optics to maximize imaging capability in small form factor CubeSats. High capacity, high-performance mass storage is integrated into the compact design. The opto-mechanics have been optimized to fit within the available volume of CubeSat deployers thus providing maximum volume to accommodate the functionality required for your high-performance CubeSat mission.

Images are captured directly to the integrated mass storage. No need for additional payload data storage capacity on the satellite. Data can be streamed directly to a transmitter or to an onboard computer as required. Reliable operation is achieved by using a combination of proprietary hardware and ruggedized optics.

Availability: 26 weeks

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  • Compatible with 3U and larger CubeSat standards
  • VIS-NIR spectral range configurable as
    • High frame rate RGB Matrix imager or
    • Multispectral line scanning imager or
    • Hyperspectral line scanning imager
  • Large integrated high-speed data storage
  • Spatial Resolution @ 500km: 9.6m
  • Swath @ 500km 32 km
  • Spectral Bands Multispectral: PAN + up to 10 VIS-NIR bands

or RGB Bayer matrix

or 150 Hyperspectral bands

  • Integrated mass storage Up to 160 GB
  • Power consumption:
    • during readout mode < 2.5 W
    • during imaging mode < 3.5W
  • 2U form factor (200mm x 94mm x 94mm)
  • 1.35 kg
  • 8-bit or 10-bit raw image output
  • Full frame data as: Raw, Lossless JPEG2000, or thumbnail
  • LVDS, SPI, I2C data interfaces (LVDS output rate from 1 to 240 Mbps)
  • CAN data interface (requires optional add-on daughterboard)
  • 5 VDC power interface (or 28 VDC with optional add-on daughterboard)
  • Operating Temperature +10°C to +30°C
  • Survival temperature -20°C to +70°C
  • Radiation-tested to TID of 20 krad
  • Available configurations:
    • Flight Model (vacuum focussed, EVT, radiometric calibration, complete EIDP) – €144 000
    • Engineering Model (non-vacuum focussed, no EVT, no calibration, minimal EIDP) – €116 000
  • TBD (much of the underlying control electronics will gain heritage later in 2018)