€14200 - €29200

CubeADCS bundles offer custom solutions for a variety of satellite requirements. The ADCS OBC can also serve as a main satellite OBC. Each bundle consists of an integrated stack of CubeSpace components with UART, I2C, and CAN interfaces to other satellite subsystems. High-level ADCS software libraries are also available on any CubeADCS bundle. The bundles are compact and have low power consumption.

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  • For nanosatellites that require attitude control
  • For volume-limited satellite designs
  • PC/104 for factor, compatible with CubeSat standard

Standard configuration:

  • CubeADCS Magnetic: pure magnetic control using magnetorquers, from EUR 14,200.00
  • CubeADCS Y-Momentum: 3-axis stabilisation using a Y-moment wheel, from EUR 18,500.00
  • CubeADCS 3-Axis: 3-axis control using 3 reaction wheels, from EUR 29,200.00
  • Any other combination of the CubeSpace products can also be supplied

ADCS Software Library:

  • Magnetic Controllers: B-dot, Y-spin and Cross-Product
  • Wheel Controllers: Y-Momentum and Quaternion Feedback
  • Estimators: Rate Kalman Filter (RKF), TRIAD algorithm, Extended Kalman Filter (EKF)

Testing and Heritage

  • Successful vibration & heated vacuum tests
  • Radiation tests (TID @ 20 krad)
  • Used on QB50 precursor satellites
  • Operating voltage: 3.3V, 5V, battery voltage (7.5V to 16V)
  • Power consumption*: around 1.0W (nominal)
  • I2C bus voltage: 3.3V / 5V
  • Operating temperature: -10 degC to +60 degC
  • Mass & Dimensions (CubeADCS Magnetic): 225 g, 90 x 96 x 34 mm
  • Mass & Dimensions (CubeADCS Y-Momentum): 351 g, 90 x 96 x 58 mm
  • Mass & Dimensions (CubeADCS 3-Axis): 506 g, 90 x 96 x 59 mm

* Depends on configuration options