Kubos Development Service Level Agreement

Kubos Development Service Level Agreement

$9000 - $18000

Kubos offers Development Service Level Agreements (SLA) to satellite developers to provide support during the development of the mission. Customers get the benefits of an experienced development team without the hassle of expense or maintenance of such a team. Kubos experts provide guaranteed response time to questions and inquires, dedicated hours monthly for Kubos engineers to work with your team as well as the flexible to grow as the mission does. A Development SLA designed to enable development teams to build missions applications faster with small teams reducing cost and development time.

*10 development hours, 4 business hour response time

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KubOS flight system is a space graded, out of the box flight system designed for nanosatellites and microsatellites. KubOS has two different distributions, KubOS RT built upon FreeRTOS and KubOS Linux designed for more user functionality, allowing users to integrate with any On Board Computer (OBC) or payload computer to best complete your mission. Running KubOS on both the bus computer and the payload computer creates compatibility during integration and operations taking the risk out of the mission.

More than an operating system, KubOS is a complete full featured flight systems combining the KubOS Core (flight middleware), KubOS HAL, and a base operating system. KubOS addresses the risk, development and integration uncertainties that come with building spacecrafts through providing Service Level Agreements for on demand support and mission critical solutions.

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