VHF downlink/UHF uplink Full Duplex Transceiver

Flight heritage since 2012


The ISIS TRXUV VHF/UHF Transceiver enables your CubeSat to have full duplex system with telemetry, telecommand & beacon capabilities on a single board. Its efficient BPSK downlink modulation scheme and flexible UHF receiver make it easy to communicate with your CubeSat.

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  • Design based on Heritage from the Delfi-C3 satellite (2008)
  • Heritage in Space since 2012 (PWSAT)
  • Full duplex operation (sending and receiving simultaneous)
  • Additional CW (Morse code) beacon mode
  • Receiver loopback mode (usable as transponder, for ranging or uplink checking)
  • On-board AX.25 command decoding
  • Single board Telemetry, Telecommand, and Beacon capability
  • Receiver modulation scheme: AFSK
  • Transmitter modulation scheme: BPSK
  • Full compatibility with GomSpace Power System and On-Board Computer.
  • Custom form factor
  • Custom RF connectors
  • Engineering Model and Flight Model available
  • Downlink data rate: 1200, 2400, 4800 or 9600 bps
  • Uplink data rate: 300 or 1200 bps
  • Transmitter Frequency range: Single frequency in 130 – 160 MHz range (crystal controlled)
  • Receiver Frequency range: 400 – 450 Mhz range (crystal controlled)
  • Transmit power: 22 dBm average
  • Protocol: AX.25 (Other protocols available upon request)
  • On-board AX.25 command decoding
  • Receiver sensitivity -104dBm for BER 10E-5
  • Telemetry output
    • Power amplifier temperature
    • Received signal strength indicator
    • FM Discriminator DC voltage
    • Forward RF power indicator
    • Reflected RF power indicator
    • Current consumption & bus voltage
  • Mass: 85g
  • Dimensions: 96 x 90 x 15 [mm]
  • Power: <1.7W (transmitter on), <0.2W (receiver only)
  • Interfaces:
  • 104 pin CubeSat Kit stackthrough connector carrying:
      • 6.5-12.5V DC power supply
      • I2C bus interface
      • Raw FSK demodulator output
      • Direct modulator input
    • RF input: SMA 50 ohm
    • RF output: SMA 50 ohm
  • Thermal Range: 50 degrees range within [-20 ; +50] degrees Celsius
Test QT AT
Mechanical Shock
Thermal Cycling
Thermal Vacuum
Total Ionizing Dose

QT is performed on the design/qualification model AT is performed on the unit to be shipped

How many output ports are available with these (VHF/UHF) transmitters? For example is it possible to send two modulated telemetries and a beacon through the same card?

The current design has only one RF port intended for VHF downlink transmissions. If more than one RF frequency or RF port is required this would imply more than one card. The device does however offer 4 potential modulation sources to modulate the RF downlink transmission with namely:

1. AX25 Data which can be configured to be telemetry data from the other satellite components or a repetative data beacon.
2. CW or morse code Data which can be configured to be telemetry data from the other satellite components or a repetitive data beacon.
3. A loopback mode where the transmitter is simply retransmitting the audio output from the receiver (assuming a transceiver configuration is used) allowing the device to act as a crossband (UHF up and VHF down) radio repeater.
4. An external modulation input which can be from another modulation source like an other independent modems on the satellite.