KU Leuven ADCS


KU Leuven ADCS

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The KU Leuven ADCS is an autonomous, highly accurate Attitude Determination and Control system for CubeSats up to 12U. The ADCS has a PC104 format (91x96mm) and is 0.5U high (50mm). It contains a set of sensors, including a highly accurate star tracker, 3 reaction wheels and 3 magnetorquers. The system can easily be integrated with any spacecraft bus.
Availability: 16 weeks

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  • Compact system (91x96x50 mm)
  • Highly accurate (arc minute range) pointing performance
  • Highly accurate (arc second range) pointing knowledge
  • Wide variety of autonomous pointing modes (Sun, Zenith, Nadir, LLA, inertial, etc.)
  • Redundant control laws
  • Very thorough testing campaign (part of an ESA IOD mission)
  • Low power consumption
  • Easy to use TMTC interface software included.
  • +5V and +3.3V required
  • 715g
  • 91x96x50mm (with indentation channel to facilitate harnessing)
  • I2C or CAN available
  • Orbit propagator included
  • Autonomous Zenith, Nadir, LLA, Sun, Inertial, etc. pointing
  • 30mm diameter star tracker aperture
  • thoroughly tested: Vibration, TVac, RW lifetime, electronics radiation, etc.

Calculated for a 3U CubeSat in a 600 km sun synchronous orbit:

  • Pointing accuracy (1 sigma) <0.1 deg.
  • Pointing knowledge (1 sigma) <10 arcsec cross boresight, <50 arcsec along the star tracker roll axis
  • Nominal power consumption < 1400 mW

ADCS with 3 reaction wheels, 3 magnetorquers, a star tracker, 3 gyroscopes, 3 (external) magnetometers and connection for 6 photodiodes.