Mission Control Software

Mission Control Software

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Alén Space’s Mission Control Software (MCS) is designed in a flexible and modular way to ease extensibility and integration with third-party tools which the mission may require. Like the OBSW, it is also based on the ESA Packet Utilization Standard (PUS). The main interface provided is completely decoupled from the ground segment server, which results in several advantages. Multiple front ends can work in parallel performing different duties, and automation is simplified.

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▪ Telemetry packets reception, decoding and storage
▪ Software API to access stored telemetry with third-party provided software tools
▪ Telecommand sequences management and execution
▪ Web-based user interface for real-time operation and telemetry visualization

Core services of the OBSW based on ESA Packet Utilization Standard:
▪ Event reporting of autonomous actions and anomalies
▪ Housekeeping service for periodic parameters collection
▪ Configuration parameters management
▪ Real time forwarding control
▪ On board telemetry storage
▪ Scheduler for time-based operations execution
▪ On board request sequencing for operations automation
▪ Telecommand execution verification
▪ On board time management
▪ Memories management
▪ Test service

Additional services included in the OBSW:
▪ Recovery system, for reliable recovery on
▪ Fault detection, recovery and isolation (FDIR) system for both software and hardware autonomous fault management (on agreed failures)
▪ TMTC transfer layer based on CCSDS recommendations for reliable TM/TC channels
▪ Autonomous payloads monitoring and data collection
▪ Telemetry and payload data dump to files for ground retrieval (download)
▪ Hardware services to manage platform subsystems and payloads based on PUS services foundation model.
▪ Filesystem and file transmission protocol (FTP like)