Kubos Operational Service Level Agreement

Kubos Operational Service Level Agreement

Price on request - $25000

Kubos offers Operational Service Level Agreements (SLA) to satellite operators to provide support to the mission through guaranteed response time, onsite integration as well as operational hours while the satellite is in orbit. Operational SLAs provides the team that built and architected the software will be there for you to help solve complex issues. We reduce the risk of lost time and lost revenue from a non-operational satellite to help you deliver maximum value to your customers. SLAs are yearly subscriptions allowing the satellite operator to balance the need for support with the need of the mission.

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  • Operational Hours (monthly)
    • In addition to integration hours, Kubos will also dedicates a blocks of hours to diagnose and resolve issues during the first 12 months of satellite operation. Operation hours can be used for any and all of the following, to meet the needs of the mission:
    • Satellite deployment
    • Satellite acquisition
    • Issue diagnosing
    • Bug fixes
    • Software updates
  • Guaranteed Response Time
    • During the first 12 months of the satellite’s operation phase, Kubos’ engineers will be available for questions via email, web, or phone with a guaranteed response to any issue with an acknowledgment and then begin, using Operation hours, to find a solution to the issue. Kubos will integrate into the existing ground control process, notifying Kubos of any problems as soon as they occur. Once we have arrived on a solution, we will originate with the mission operation teams to implement. Response times come in 4, 2, and 1 business hours segments to meet the mission needs.
  • Lifetime Partner
    • Operational SLAs are 12-month contracts that renew yearly for the lifetime of the satellite. We are there at the beginning and at the end. We’re more than a software vendor – we are a partner.
  • On-site Integration (Additional Cost)
  • Yearly
  • ISS Deployment

KubOS flight system is a space graded, out of the box flight system designed for nanosatellites and microsatellites. KubOS has two different distributions, KubOS RT built upon FreeRTOS and KubOS Linux designed for more user functionality, allowing users to integrate with any On Board Computer (OBC) or payload computer to best complete your mission. Running KubOS on both the bus computer and the payload computer creates compatibility during integration and operations taking the risk out of the mission. More than an operating system, KubOS is a complete full featured flight systems combining the KubOS Core (flight middleware), KubOS HAL, and a base operating system. KubOS addresses the risk, development and integration uncertainties that come with building spacecrafts through providing Service Level Agreements for on demand support and mission critical solutions.

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