SCS Gecko imager

Flight heritage since 2017

SCS Gecko imager

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The Gecko imager is an easy-to-integrate imaging solution for your CubeSat mission. A customizable high performance
mass storage unit is integrated into the compact design. The Gecko imager offers mechanical compatibility with
standard frames.
RGB images are captured at up to 5 frames per second† using a matrix sensor in snapshot (global shutter) mode.
Image data is captured directly to the integrated mass storage. Data may be streamed out to an on-board computer
and downlinked a lower data rate, as required.
Reliable operation achieved by using a combination of proprietary hardware and space-proven ruggedized optics.

Availability: 12 – 16 weeks

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• RGB imaging at high frame rates
• Large integrated high-speed data storage
• Compact form factor that is optimised for integration with 2U or larger CubeSats frames

Spatial resolution @ 500 km 39 m GSD
Swath @ 500 km 80 km
Image Sensor 2.2 Megapixel RGB matrix
Data format 8-bit raw, 10-bit raw or thumbnail
Frame capture rate† 5 fps full-frame imaging
Integrated mass data storage† 128 Gigabit

† Depends on chosen configuration.

Data interfaces† LVDS, SPI and I2C
Dimensions of imager < 1U (97 mm x 96 mm x 60 mm)
Suitable for CubeSat standard Compatible with 2U and larger
Mass (incl. mass storage) < 480 g
Operating temperature +10°C to +30°C
Survival temperature -20°C to +50°C
Radiation tolerance (TID) Tested to 30 krad

• JPEG2000 image compression
• Ground support equipment
• Increased frame rates and storage