AMR Propulsion Innovations

For 15 years, FOTEC has followed a technology push from ESA developing a FEEP propulsion technology for a very niche market of scientific satellites in formation flight. This very mature and worldwide unique technology is meeting a strong need in an emerging market of satellite constellations (hundreds of small satellites performing a task together). AMR Propulsion Innovations has been founded as a Spin-Out from FOTEC to meet this market demand by scaling the production of this thruster to several hundred units per year. AMR is the first company worldwide, that offers a customized propulsion system at a commodity price and ultra-short lead times. This is possible due to the proprietary FEEP technology using solid Indium as a propellant. The IFM Nano thruster module using this technology is a compact pre-qualified building block, a complete self-contained propulsion system that can be clustered and then operated as a single plug-and-play unit.

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