logo ruagRUAG Space is Europe’s largest independent supplier of space subsystems and components. RUAG Space employs more than 1100 people at eight sites in Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, Austria and the USA.

The skills and services the Division offers cover all the essential aspects of space projects, ranging from mission analysis, systems engineering and project management through to engineering services, assembly, and integration, to support and testing at the launch site.

The product portfolios of the national entities in Switzerland, Sweden, and Finland as well as Austria are complementary, and the engineers have comprehensive access to the expertise of their colleagues working in each of the other countries. This enables RUAG Space to join together skills, products, and services much like the pieces of a puzzle, allowing to offer to the customers complete solutions and services from a single source.

The biggest products of the Product Unit Mechanical are Adapter- and Separation Systems as well as a wide range of dispenser systems. With 90% of the commercial market, we provide all the larger launchers in the world with equipment for launching satellites in all sizes. Our customers are launch operators like Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Khrunichev, Arianespace amongst others.

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