EXA BA0x High Energy Density Battery Array

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EXA BA0x High Energy Density Battery Array

€4400 - €9425

As thin as 7 millimetres thick, the EXA BA0x High Energy Density Battery Array is a family of power store/delivery devices designed to provide the highest energy capacity and redundancy: From a minimum of 22.2Whr to a maximum of 50Whr per bank. For missions like 1U Cubesats, the BA0x enables your system to perform longer and better and pack even more power than a 3U configuration, the double-sided arrays are user-configurable to output 3.7V or 7.4V. All our batteries are fully customizable to your mission’s need in terms of output, cable, connectors or interfaces and options are available as integrated Carbon Nanotubes Thermal Transfer Bus (CN/TTB) shield which allows missions to reuse the spacecraft self-generated heat, integrated MT01 Magnetorquer, embedded redundant thermal sensors and embedded redundant active heaters.

Availability: 4 – 6 weeks

Vendor: EXA
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