Nano-SSOC-A60 analog sun sensor

Flight heritage since 2016

Nano-SSOC-A60 analog sun sensor


The Solar MEMS Sun Sensor on a Chip (SSOC) solution is a two-axes and low-cost sun sensor for highly accurate sun-tracking, pointing and attitude determination. The device measures the incident angle of the sun ray in two orthogonal axes, providing a high sensitivity based on the geometrical dimensions of the design.

The nanoSSOC-A60 sun sensor is based on MEMS fabrication processes to achieve highly integrated sensing structures. The nanoSSOC-A60 has analog interface and is compact, low weight and low power, making it ideally suited to nanosatellite platforms.

The nanoSSOC-A60 sun sensor includes MEMS technology with flight heritage and electronic components that are space-grade. There are hundreds of units in orbit since 2016.

Key features of the nanoSSOC-A60 sun sensor include:

  • ITAR free
  • Analog space qualified
  • Compatible with most nanosatellite structures
  • Compatible with most OBCs

Technical Specifications

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Technical Specifications

Parameter Value Comments
Angles reading
Sensor type 2 axes Orthogonal
Field of view (FOV) ± 60° Performance field
Exclusion FOV ± 75 It must be clear of obstacles or reflective surfaces (recommendation)
Accuracy < 0.5° 3σ error
Precision < 0.1°
Supply voltage 3.3 V 5V under request
Average consumption < 0.1 mA Dark
Average consumption < 2 mA Light: 1360 W/m², Am0
Temperature range – 30 to +85° C
Dimensions (L x W x H) 27.4 x 14 x 5.9 mm
Weight 3.7 g
Mount holes M2.5 x2
Connector DF13EA-10DP-1.25V(55) From Hirose
Housing Aluminium 6082 Alodine 1200S (ECSS-Q70-71)

Black anodized (ECSS-Q-ST-70-03C)

Total ionizing dose > 100kRad Gamma radiation
Beam energy 6 MeV Proton beam
Random vibration 14,1g @ 20-2000 Hz
Shock 3000 g @ 1 – 100 ms