EBAD TiNi frangibolt

EBAD TiNi frangibolt

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EBAD’s frangibolt actuators are designed to operate with an EBAD supplied Titanium notched Fastener (#4 to ½” size). Various sizes are available with a nominal tensile strength ranging from 630 lbf (2,802 N) to 15,000 lbF (66,723 N) and are recommended for use in bolted joints between 400 lbF (6,227 N) to 7,000 lbF (31,130 N) of preload. As with all EBAD TiNi products, key attributes include non-pyrotechnic, field reset-able and redundant firing circuits. Additional hardware to support the customer joint design include customer washer/hex nuts, enclosures, instrumented fasteners and switch washers for autonomous shut off.

The EBAD TiNi™ Frangibolt® actuator is a simple and effective way to support and release loads up to 20,000 lbf. The principle of operation is simple: A Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) cylinder elongates to fracture a bolt or stud thereby achieving separation of two or more components. Standard Fastener sizes range from # 8 size screws to ¾” bolts.

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NEA® (Non-Explosive Actuators) – As with all of the EBAD TiNi™ products, the Mini-Frangibolt® Actuator is non-pyrotechnic and field reset-able with a minimum qualified life of 60 cycles.

Easy to Reset & Simple to Use – The actuator is reset by the customer in a matter of seconds (i.e. no need to ship back to EBAD). This enables numerous system-level testing to be performed prior to flight usage to ensure maximum reliability.

Scalable Design – The same design can be scaled up to a #6 size screw for added strength, or down to a tiny #2 size screw for an even smaller actuator. Metric sizes are available upon request.

Safe to Use and Operate – The Frangibolt® Actuator does not pose any safety concerns to personnel, is low shock, and insensitive to ESD (Electro-Static Discharge).

Cost-Efficient – We have been manufacturing these actuators for Cubesat and other applications for approximately 10 years now and has streamlined production to be able to produce them at a fraction of the price of traditional non-pyrotechnic release devices.