Tensor Tech FSS-15 Fine Sun Sensor

Tensor Tech FSS-15 Fine Sun Sensor

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FSS-15 is a minimized fine sun sensor with a high cost-performance ratio. It is designed to be mass-produced with stable quality. Moreover, a microcontroller is embedded in the FSS-15 for tabulated correction using an error table.

Therefore, the user can directly access the sun angles from digital interfaces. I2C and UART are two standard communication interfaces. For the error table, every FSS-15 has a unique one, which will be measured before the shipment of the product to the user. For less strict performance requirements, Tensor Tech also offers a coarse sun sensor: CSS-10. The system achieved flight heritage in 2022.


  • Digital-type Fine Sun Sensor
  • Pointing error: 0.1 deg (1 sigma)
  • Embedded firmware for radiation-caused transient error detection and recovery


Tensor Tech

Product Properties

Lead Time
2 months
Field of view (FOV)
  • 2-axes digital sun sensor embedded with calibration error table and micro-controller
  • 6 × FSS-15 Fine Sun Sensor
  • MEMS gyroscope
  • Triaxial magnetorquer and magnetometer
  • Micro-Controller serve as ADCS computer
GNSS receiver & antenna
Sampling rate
< +/- 0.1 deg @ sun can be captured;

< +/- 1 deg @ sun cannot be captured

Power consumption @ sampling
< +/- 0.2 deg @ sun can be captured;

< +/- 1 deg @ sun cannot be captured

Power require @ 5V bus < 1 W
Mechanical < 1 W
Radiation tolerance
Tuna-can & 0.2U (< 300 g)
1²C and UART (adjustable)

*The user can only select one of the two.


Tensor Tech Brochure 2022


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