CubeSat Solar panel DHV-CS-10

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CubeSat Solar panel DHV-CS-10


Solar panels have been tested in qualified laboratories for space applications, as well as solar cells are fully qualified. Different mechanical and electrical designs can be manufactured to meet with subsystems on board. The PCB substrates are made in conformance with ECSS-Q-ST-70-11C. Solar panels are manufactured following the standard ECSS-E-ST-20-08C.
DHV-CS-10 products are solar arrays for 1U CubeSats, there are available top, bottom and side versions. The solar cells are Azur Space 3G30C, qualified solar cells for space applications with 30% efficiency using triple-junction technology. Two solar cells are connected in series to get about 4.8 V. Magnetometer and temperature sensor are integrated on the PCB. Wires and connectors are included.
Availability: 4 – 5 weeks

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  • Performance
  • Product properties
  • Available configurations
  • Testing
  • Compatible panels with ISIS CubeSats structure (Top/Bottom/Side panels)
  • Two AZUR Space 30% Triple Junction GaAs Junction Solar Cell in series configuration
  • Solar cells on PCB with integrated circuit board
  • Protection diodes with space grade qualification
  • Temperature sensor
  • Harnessing included

Solar Cell String (Spectrum: AM0 WRC = 1367 W/m2; T = 28 °C; Series configuration)
• Type: TJ Solar Cell 3G30C – Advanced
• Base material: GaInP/GaAs/Ge on Ge substrate
• Open Circuit Voltage (Voc): 5.4 V
• Short Circuit Current (Isc): 0.52 A
• Voltage at max. Power (Vmp): 4.82 V
• Current at max. Power (Imp): 0.5 A
• Efficiency: 30 %

Temperature sensor:
• Manufacturer: MAXIM
• Model: LM75BIMM-3+
• Package: μMAX® (μSOP)
• Type: Temperature sensor /Over-temperature detector
• Supply Voltage: 3.3V
• Current: 4μA (Shutdown Mode), 250μA (typ), 1mA (max)
• Communication: I2C (configurable address)
• Conversion time: 100ms
• Accuracy: ±2°C
• Resolution: 9bits
• Temperature range: -55°C to +125°C

• Substrate material: Polyimide double side copper laminate with Kapton coverlay
• Nominal thickness: 1.6 mm ± 10 %
• Operational Temperature (Tested in ESA Certified Laboratory): -120°C to +150°C
• Mass: 50 g
• Dimensions (PCB + Solar Cells): 82.5 mm x 98 mm x 2.4 mm
• Atomic oxygen protection with space grade silicone for pads and electronic components.

• Top/Bottom/Side ISIS 1U panels
• Deployable panels
• Fake panels without solar cells
• 2U and 3U sizes available under request.
• Ask DHV Technology for any type of sensor.

Test QT AT
Thermal Cycling
Flash tester
Solar cells Cracks

QT is performed on the design/qualification model

AT is performed on the unit to be shipped Flight Heritage: >3 units in Space