Single axis air bearing for Attitude Control Studies


Light weight, economical air bearing for conducting attitude control studies about a single axis. Studies include center of mass management, testing various control laws, and demonstrating momentum dumping in a LEO system.

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Weight: (approx) 3 lbs/1.4kg
Can support up to 12U CubeSat
Dimensions: (approx) 6″/15cm x 5″/12cm x 1.5″/4.5cm
Valve length: 1.5″/4cm
Features 2, embedded, rare earth magnets for demonstrating momentum dumping/wheel de-saturation as in LEO.
Requires appropriate couplings and compressed air to operate. Options include air compressor and N2 or CO2 bottles.
Air Bearing supports a GEN 5 Sat Sim with approximately 10psi/69KPa.