Oxford Space Systems Helical Antenna for IoT

Oxford Space Systems Helical Antenna for IoT


The Oxford Space Systems helical antenna helps to unlock the full utility of CubeSats in orbit, enabling the next generation of IoT services. The Helical antenna uses stored energy to deploy and achieves a highly accurate shape. Our helical antennas have proven performance in orbit since 2020 and are optimised for IoT constellation volume production.

The frequency range for this configuration is 800/900 MHz bands for Internet of Things applications. The deployed length is 300mm and the helix compresses into a 0.5U format at one end of a typically 3U CubeSat. The design could be built to print or form a reference design for scaling to meet a bespoke set of frequency and stowed volume requirements.

Price: from 35000$

Vendor: Oxford Space Systems
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  • Flight heritage since 2020
  • High gain
  • Stowage efficient
  • Low mass & complexity
  • Customisable RF features
  • ITAR-free
  • Optimised for volume production
  • Scalable for a range of other applications: from VHF to S-band


Mechanical dimensions:

  • Helical stowed height: <55mm
  • Helical deployed height: 330 mm
  • Single-shot passive deployment.

RF requirements:

  • Operating frequency range: 862 MHz – 928 MHz
  • Gain: 6dBi +
  • Polarization: RHCP
  • Return loss: -15 dB
  • RF interface: MCX


Deployable Helical Antenna Brochure – DataSheet upon request


The frequency range for this configuration is 800/900 MHz, with a uni-directional Beam Helical antenna.