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The compact star tracker for small satellite missions & constellations, Auriga™ star tracker is packed with the latest high-tech components and optimized for small satellite platforms of less than 500kg and for CubeSats starting from 6U. Radiation-resistant with a thicker casing and hardened optics, Auriga™ allows a lifetime of over 15 years in geostationary orbit and 10 years in low Earth orbit (LEO 400-1,200km). With its standardized components, Auriga™ is specifically designed to meet cost reduction objectives while offering excellent technical performance and reliability. Its reduced volume (66 x 59 x 94 mm) and its weight of 225g make it the most compact star tracker in its category. Over 1200 Auriga™ are already in orbit with a mission success rate of 100%.

Star Tracker optical head and an electronic unit for plug-and-play integration:

  • Specifically designed for small satellite missions.
  • Low-cost, high-production rate, reduced weight and volume.
  • Guaranteed for 10 years lifetime in LEO orbit.
  • In orbit demonstration since 2019.
  • Inherited from our 50 years of experience with star trackers.

*From 100.000 € for one optical head and one electronic unit (indicative price excluding NRE).

Lead Time: Less than 3 months for small volumes for Auriga-CP. Dual use product, lead time might be subject to export control licence delay of approval.

Sodern Auriga SA Datasheet

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Optical Head (OH)

  • Baffle protection for direct Sun and Earth illumination
  • Up to 3 Optical Heads may be connected to 1 Electronic Unit through the SpaceWire interface
  • Lifetime can be up to 10 years in LEO and 15 years I GEO orbit with EOR

Electronic Unit (EU)

  • Embedded software processing OH’s data and computing the attitude
  • Can perform OH FDIR through an autonomous individual OH switch ON/OFF
  • The operating frequency is assumed to be a 10 Hz operating refresh rate
  • Embedded Star Catalog and Algorithms inherited from 50 years of experience and Hydra Star Tracker.


Environmental Characteristics

Operating temperature range (°C) -20/+40
Storage temperature (°C) -30/+70
Mechanical environment (in/out of plane) 14/22 gRMS gRMS / 2000gSRS @2000 Hz
OH size (mm, including baffle) 66 x 56 x 94 (height)
EU size (mm) 91 x 117 x 25 (height)
OH mass (g, including baffle) 205
EU mass (g) 315

Reliability, Availability and Lifetime

EEE parts class for OH ECSS Class 3 equivalent and Automotive
EEE parts class for EU ECSS Class 3 equivalent and Automotive
Reliability for OH 230 FIT (FIDES method @20°C)
Reliability for EU 470 FIT (FIDES method @20°C)
Lifetime (years) 10 in LEO 400-1200km; 15 in GEO with EOR

Electrical Interfaces

OH Power supply (V) Supplied by EU
EU Power supply (V) 5V (±5%)
OH Power consumption (W, typ/max) 0.8/1.1
EU Power consumption (W, typ/max) 2.5/3.4
Output data EU: RS422 UART (115200 baud)
Output rate (Hz) 8 or 10

Performances and Robustness

Bias (worst case) 0.017 deg
Thermo-elastic Error (worst case) 1 arcsec/°C
Low Frequency spatial (FOV) error XY/Z @ 3σ 9/51 arcsec
High Frequency spatial (Pixel) error XY/Z @ 3σ 6.6/37 arcsec
Temporal noise on XY/Z @ 3σ 11/69 arcsec
Time from lost-in-space (typ) < 4s
Slew rate in Acquisition 0.3 deg/s
Slew rate in Tracking Up to 3 deg/s²
Acceleration in Acquisition Up to 1 deg/s²
Acceleration in Tracking at 10 Hz Up to 2.5 deg/s²
Full Moon in the field of view No performance degradation
Baffle Sun Exclusion Angle 35 deg
Baffle Earth Exclusion Angle 22 deg
Solar flare Acquisition/Tracking Robust