EXA KRATOS 1U CubeSat Platform

EXA KRATOS 1U CubeSat Platform

€44000 - €155000

The EXA KRATOS 1U Spacecraft bus is a 1 step CubeSat solution that allows developers to focus on the payload and its mission: It includes everything needed for the spacecraft to work and even comes VTV tested, just integrate your payload and fly.


  • Full Engineering Support
  • Test Reports
  • 3, CoO, MSDS
  • Shipped in Pelican 1300 Case

Availability:  8 to 16 weeks

Vendor: EXA
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The KRATOS SCB is completely configurable:  From a modest, standard CubeSat to a powerful SpaceTaxi in a 1U that can host up to 6 standard payload boards and 3 cameras delivering up to 100W of power, and LASER communications at 10Mbps. it has everything needed to fly: Onboard computer with pre-installed libraries, SDR Radio with an integrated power amplifier, a powerful EPS with 4 power rails, UMPPT Solar management couple to a fast battery charger, Deployable Multifunction Solar Arrays, automated deploy/release control to up to 4 devices, embedded monopole and dipole antennas from  VHF to L band, embedded magnetorquers, temperature and sun sensors in all walls, ADCS control with integrated Z axis magnetorquer, high power batteries, radiation-hardened SSD storage and even LASER communications at 10Mbps minimum.

​You can add or subtract features and expand capabilities accordingly to your project budget, the main idea is that you focus on your mission, we focus on the spacecraft.