ISIS TXS High Data Rate S-Band Transmitter

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ISIS TXS High Data Rate S-Band Transmitter

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  • Operates in EESS/SRS/SOS allocation band
  • CCSDS compliant
  • Data-rate and RF power re-configurable in-flight
  • RF power control loop to maintain constant RF power over the temperature range and Frequency band
  • SFCG Spectral mask compliant (Recommendation: SFCG-21-2R4)
  • Safety watchdog
  • Adjustable RF output power from 27 to 33dBm (0.5dB steps)
  • RF output tolerant to full mismatch

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The ISIS High Data-rate S-band Transmitter is a CubeSat compatible Transmitter designed to meet the needs of high data-rate downlinks of up to 4.3 Mbps (usable information bit-rate at CCSDS transfer frame level). The transmitter can be used for both TT&C or PDT downlinks. The S-band transmitter is flexible, implementing CCSDS as data link layer protocol and allowing in-flight configuration of data-rate, modulation scheme, frequency, and RF output power.