SSOC-A60 2-Axis analog sun sensor

Flight heritage since 2009

SSOC-A60 2-Axis analog sun sensor


The Solar MEMS Sun Sensor on a Chip (SSoC) solution is based on MEMS fabrication processes to achieve highly integrated sensing structures for high accurate sun-tracking, positioning systems and attitude determination.

The SSOC-A60 device measures the incident angle of a sun ray in two axes. The high sensitivity is based on geometrical dimensions of the design. The device includes MEMS technology with flight heritage and electronic components that are space-grade.

Every sensor is calibrated and characterized, and a look-up table is provided for its application. The use of a metal shield and a cover glass in the optical eye minimizes the ageing of the device under high radiation levels.

SSOC-A60 has flight heritage since 2009, with hundreds of flight models delivered for different missions.

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Technical Specifications


Parameter Value Unit Comments
Sensor type 2 axes Orthogonal
Performance field of view +/- 60 ° Cone shaped, performance field
Exclusion Field of View +/- 75 ° It must be clear of obstacles or reflective surfaces (recommended)
Accuracy 0.3 ° 3sigma error
Precision 0.05 °
Supply voltage 5 V Vcc must be regulated
Average consumption < 25 mA < 15 mA when illuminated
Connector 10 Pins D221T10D51 Nicomatic
Analog outputs 5 Signals 4 sun sensor outputs + 1 temperature
Temperature range -45 to 85 °C Operation
Dimensions 30 x 30 x 12 mm
Mass 25 g
Mounting holes 2 Holes Diameter 3.2 mm
Housing AI. 6082 Alodine + Black coating