Ground station kit

Ground station kit

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Alén Space Ground Station Kit (GS-Kit) is a cost-effective solution that includes all the elements needed to set up the gateway to communicate with LEO satellites. Up to three bands can be supported in the same GS-Kit (VHF, UHF, S-band). Different antennas can be combined.

Easy assembly, installation and operation manual supplied.

Availability: 16 weeks

Ground Station Kit brochure

Ground Station Kit Datasheet

Ground Station Kit S-Band Datasheet



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Outdoor equipment:

  • Structure
  • Azimuth rotator
  • Elevation rotator
  • Antennas (2 yagi and one helix or dish)

Indoor equipment:

  • Rotor controller
  • SDR rack. Connected directly to the outdoor LNAs/LNC.
  • Power rack
  • Server rack