LoadPath 3U CubeSat Mass Simulator

LoadPath 3U CubeSat Mass Simulator


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Availability: 10-11 weeks

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The LoadPath 3U CubeSat mass simulator complies with the following specifications:

• Design simulates the mass and center of mass of a 3U CubeSat
• The simulator has a mass in the 3-5 kg range
• The simulator is suitable for ground fit checks, ground testing and integration studies
• The nominal structural material is Delrin polymer and it is constructed of low-outgassing materials acceptable in flight
• The simulator can also be used as a flight surrogate in the event the actual satellite is not available for launch
• The current delivery time is 10-11 weeks from the date of order

Note: The product has a modular design that provides the flexibility to vary the mass simulator’s mass and CG. The simulators conform to the specific CubeSat design specifications. Contact us for other designs, products and information.