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Since 2009, selling on CubeSatShop has been helping CubeSat oriented businesses increase sales and reach new customers. Today, CubeSatShop is the most popular web shop for CubeSats and NanoSats online and is a starting point for many new CubeSat teams to obtain an overview of the current state of the art in standardized CubeSat products. Our website offers a podium for your CubeSat products and will allow you to directly showcase your product's unique features compared to similar products from different vendors in the same category. In addition to its online presence, CubeSatShop is present at a large number of international space exhibits and conferences with a CubeSat programme or focus and joining our web shop allows you to benefit from our presence at these events. CubeSatShop is unique in providing a marketing and promotion platform for all vendors of standardized CubeSat products, so anyone with a product that is designed, and qualified for use in CubeSats can be part of CubeSatShop. In today's fast paced world, CubeSatShop takes care of part of your product promotion and marketing right in the middle of your target customer base on a platform that is well known in the CubeSat community for many years. CubeSatShop staff consists of nanosatellite specialists that have ample experience in this exciting niche-market of the space business and help you to reach more customers.

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CubeSatshop offers more than 10 product categories for CubeSats and NanoSats and your product will fit into one of these categories. We aim to have the broadest offering of standardized parts available, so there should always be room for your product on our site. We do however have a few conditions with respect to the products we promote on our website. First of all the product needs to be a standardized product. As we aim to offer of visitors a chance to compare various alternatives our platform is not very well suited for promoting solutions that are fully customized to each and every specific customer.

Secondly, the product needs to be available for customers to purchase. This means that products featured on the website should be fully designed and preferably be qualified before it is added to our platform. Our visitors expect confirmed specifications and performance values in order to make the right choice for their current satellite project and if there are still design choices to be made, this creates potential ambiguities and confusion. So when the product design is finalized, we can start promoting your product as long as you are ready to accept orders from customers, even if the ground qualification is not yet completed.

Lastly, we feel that standardized products ought to have a standard price and lead time. A visitor to CubeSatShop should be able to compare different products based on functionality, performance and flight heritage, but also on price and lead time as most CubeSat projects are inherently constrained by a budget and a set timeline or project phasing. Of course, some customer specific options are still possible.

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