NSS CubeSat ACS board

Flight heritage since 2014

Price on request

A CubeSat Attitude Control System (ACS) measures orbit position, absolute attitude, spacecraft rates and can also control the orientation of the satellite through either magnetic actuation or wheel based solutions. The NewSpace ACS board is a single PC104 board (15mm height) that physically integrates three high accuracy sun sensors, a magnetometer, MEMS gyros, a stellar gyro and two magnetorquer rods. Additionally, external interfaces allow for a further three sun sensors, the Z-axis magnetorquer as well as momentum or reaction wheels.

  • Features
  • Performance
  • Applications
  • Qualification
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  • Single PC104 form factor
  • Low power
  • I2C and UART interfaces
  • Can be populated to mission requirements
Functional characteristics
Pointing knowledge (sunlit, 2 sigma)
Pointing knowledge (eclipse, 2 sigma) 1° (0.1 relative)
Control accuracy (sunlit, 2 sigma)
Control accuracy (eclipse, 2 sigma)
Magnetic moment > 0.2
Update rate 1Hz
Physical characteristics
Dimensions: 96 x 96 x 15 mm
Mass < 450g
Power 3W
Power supply: 5V and 3.3V
Data: I2C
Connector: PC104
Mechanical: PC104 format
  • High accuracy in eclipse
  • Earth Observation missions
  • Spin stabilised three axis control
  • Simple magnetic control
  • Acquiring stabilisation and orbital information

The CubeSat ACS Board flew on the TDS-1 in 2014 and has also been selected by a number of other CubeSat clients.