ISIS S-band Patch Antenna

ISIS S-band Patch Antenna


  • Covers the commercial S-band frequency range between 2200-2290 MHz
  • Supplied with CubeSat compatible mounting plate (if required)
  • Compatible to be mounted on a tuna-can
  • Gain up to 6.5 dBic
  • 100° Half Power Beam Width
  • Single straight or right-angle SMA connector (right-angle connector also possible)
  • Right Hand Circular Polarization
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The ISIS S-band patch antenna is a part of a new generation of antennas designed for S-band communications on nanosatellites and CubeSats. It is an off the shelf compact antenna designed to complement the ISIS S-band transmitter for telemetry and payload data transmissions. The antenna is mounted onto a Rogers PCB, ideal for high-frequency RF circuitry ensuring fewer losses than traditional FR-4 PCBS.

The ISIS S-band patch antenna is a compact, low mass solution suitable for the commercial S-band frequency range of 2200-2290 MHz. This passive antenna is suitable for any CubeSat platform.

  • Fits with ISIS CubeSat structures
  • Suitable for Z faces or tuna-can
  • Compatible with the ISIS S-band transmitter
  • Interoperable with other manufacturers’ S-band transmitters and structures.
  • Compliant to the CubeSat standard