The BiSon64-ET-B is a BiSon64-ET with an integrated straylight baffle. Also qualified to ECSS-E-ST-10-03, the unique integrated baffles reduces albedo error and eases accommodation on the space craft by limiting the influence of straylight originating from outside the measurement field of view.

  • ITAR free
  • Available in a space grade COTS approach

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FOV >±64 degrees in diagonal
Accuracy <3,5 degrees  (non-calibrated)
<0.5 degrees  (calibrated)
Temperature range -125… to +125°C
Mass <31 g
Sine vibration 40 g
Random vibration 34.3 g at 2 g² / Hz
Pyro shock 3,500g
Radiation tolerance 8.1014 1 MeV electrons (at bare diode level, equalling 19.2 Mrad TID and 25.109 MeV cm²/g TNID