The BiSon64-ET sunsensor, is an extended temperature version of the standard BiSon64 where a higher temperature range is one of the main discriminating factors. This higher temperature range is obtained through using different materials during manufacturing.

  • Engineering model also available
  • ITAR free
  • Available in a space-grade COTS approach as of Q3/2019

*unit price is dependent on order quantity

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FOV >±64 degrees in diagonal
Accuracy <3,5 degrees  (non-calibrated)
<0.5 degrees  (calibrated)
Temperature range -125… to +125°C
Mass <24 g (ET-B)
Sine vibration 40 g
Random vibration 41.4 g at 2 g² / Hz
Pyro shock 10,000g
Radiation tolerance 1016 1 MeV electrons (at bare diode level, equalling 240 Mrad TID;314.10 MeV cm²/g TNID