Gen 2: CubeSense Sun

Gen 2: CubeSense Sun


A CMOS-based fine sun sensor with a wide field of view, low power consumption, high accuracy and immunity against albedo effects. Housing designed to allow for easy and robust mounting while providing improved EMI mitigation.

Our CubeSense Sun is fully calibrated in our state-of-the-art dark calibration room.

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Lead Time: 12 weeks

Vendor: CubeSpace
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  • M2 threaded mounting holes
  • 170° FOV lens for large coverage
  • Pre-calibrated distortion model
  • Full albedo immunity
  • Shared electronic design across Gen2 family

Technical Specifications

Accuracy (dependent on slew) 0.2° (roll and elevation)


Max slew rate [°/s] 70
Mass [g] 15
Dimensions [WxHxL] [mm] 35x22x24
Detection field of view [°] (Horizontal/vertical) 166
Detection field of view [°] (Diagonal) 176
Power & Data
Data bus** CAN/UART/RS-485

**I2C available for custom solutions

Connector Molex Pico-Lock Plus
Update rate [Hz] Up to 2
Supply voltage [V] 3.3
Peak power [mW] 174
Average power [mW] 100
Radiation 24 kRad
Random vibration 14.16 g RMS (NASA GEVS)
Thermal vacuum [°C] -20 to 80
Thermal cold and hot start [°C] -35 to 70


Trade-off Table

Eclipse Performance N/A
Eclipse Availability N/A
Sunlight Performance Very High
Sunlight Availability Very High
Application Communications/Mid-performance EO

(Sunlight only)