PAS 381S (15”) Separation System

PAS 381S (15”) Separation System

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The RUAG 381S Separation System is the smallest member of our family of Low Shock Separation Systems designed for interfacing small sized spacecraft with Launcher Vehicles. It has been developed to fit the ESPA 15″ adapter interface.
The Separation System includes a low shock clamp band separation system, interface rings, umbilical connection and a separation spring set. With our CBOD-LT™ Separation System Release Mechanism we can provide the unique combination of high load capability and a low shock release.

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Unit Value
Bolt pretension (nominal) kN 11
Mass Total 1) kg 3.7
Separated mass kg 0.98
Dimensions Height 2) mm 79
I/F Passive ring 24 x 1/4 inch bolts placed on a diameter of 381 mm (15 inch
Active ring 25 x 1/4 inch bolts placed on a diameter of 381 mm (15 inch ESPA I/F)
Initiator type Pacific Scientific 103377-449 Hi-Shear PC23-250 ASI PD22240024-009 USI 1F01084-1
Separation springs No. of springs pcs 4 to 24
Spring energy 3) Joule 1.1
Release type CBOD-LT
Shock output Low shock < 100 g’s @ 1 kHz

1) Mass of the standard system including passive ring. Can be optimized to meet specific needs.

2) Height includes separation springs, active and passive rings.

3) Energy per spring.