EyasSat, Inc. manufactures desktop satellite kits for demonstrating basic engineering principles through complex systems engineering, spacecraft design, and operation. These kits are used both at universities and for workforce development, within government and commercially, around the world. EyasSat currently offers the GEN5 Nanosatellite Simulator. A 3U Cube Sat, EyasSat3, is under development.

Each has the critical subsystems of a real spacecraft: Power Distribution, with rechargeable batteries & configurable solar array; ADCS, with two actuators-reaction wheel(s) & magnetorquers, sun/yaw sensors; Thermal, with heat pipe, copper rod, heaters, and alternative materials for emissivity/absorptivity studies; COMM, Data Handling, GSE Equipment & Groundstation Command and Control via COSMOS (a product from Ball Aerospace).

The kits also come with a user guide which can be a basis for course/curricula development and/or adapted for a lab manual.