IQ Technologies for Earth and Space GmbH

IQ Technologies for Earth and Space GmbH (former IQ wireless GmbH), headquartered in Berlin, Germany, is a well-established business for more than 20 years with three innovative business units: IQ FireWatch, IQ spacecom and IQ wireless. IQ FireWatch provides a terrestrial early detection system of fires in forests, outdoor industrial facilities, and wildland-urban interfaces. The know-how gained over many years in the planning and installation of radio transmission technology can be found under IQ wireless.

IQ spacecom comprises high-performance radio communication solutions providing flexible and highly efficient broadband data communication for small satellites, such as CubeSats. The equipment has been qualified for several years of operation in low earth orbit (LEO) and is used for scientific missions, Earth observation, remote sensing and communication solutions. Outstanding hardware and software platforms enable a fast, flexible and reliable adaptation to customer-specific requirements. More than 40 employees are constantly developing the products and optimizing them to meet the needs of the customers, in order to be able to provide solutions for complex requirements of the future. The technical innovations of IQ Technologies for Earth and Space GmbH are researched, developed, manufactured, and tested at the headquarters in Berlin.