Tensor Tech

There are two obstacles for commercial players to enter the space industry: rocket launching costs and satellite building costs. To tackle these problems, satellite miniaturization is the key. Achieving the same mission purpose but using less weight, volume, or power consumption, not only saves your launching cost but also enables more space for payloads.

However, the Attitude Control System (ACS) among all subsystems, tends to be the heaviest and the largest. For decades, the size of the ACS could not be reduced significantly due to physical limitations. Tensor Tech has developed groundbreaking spherical motor technology by replacing three motors with only one. Our device’s weight, size, and power consumption are reduced by 2/3rds compared with traditional systems. This invention might enable the space industry to tackle wider commercial applications by allowing a satellite mission with more power-intensive operations (less power wasted on the ACS) and capabilities of carrying more payloads.

We provide our customers with a fullstack service for the ACS. From the mission design phase, delivering hardware, to integration support, we are not only your key subsystem supplier and consulting team, but also your best partner along this space journey!

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