EBAD TiNi frangibolt

EBAD TiNi frangibolt

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EBAD’s frangibolt actuators are designed to operate with an EBAD supplied Titanium notched Fastener (#4 to ½” size). Various sizes are available with a nominal tensile strength ranging from 630 lbf (2,802 N) to 15,000 lbF (66,723 N) and are recommended for use in bolted joints between 400 lbF (6,227 N) to 7,000 lbF (31,130 N) of preload. As with all EBAD TiNi products, key attributes include non-pyrotechnic, field reset-able and redundant firing circuits. Additional hardware to support the customer joint design include customer washer/hex nuts, enclosures, instrumented fasteners and switch washers for autonomous shut off.

The EBAD TiNi™ Frangibolt® actuator is a simple and effective way to support and release loads up to 20,000 lbf. The principle of operation is simple: A Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) cylinder elongates to fracture a bolt or stud thereby achieving separation of two or more components. Standard Fastener sizes range from # 8 size screws to ¾” bolts.

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NEA® (Non-Explosive Actuators) – As with all of the EBAD TiNi™ products, the Mini-Frangibolt® Actuator is non-pyrotechnic and field reset-able with a minimum qualified life of 60 cycles.

Easy to Reset & Simple to Use – The actuator is reset by the customer in a matter of seconds (i.e. no need to ship back to EBAD). This enables numerous system-level testing to be performed prior to flight usage to ensure maximum reliability.

Scalable Design – The same design can be scaled up to a #6 size screw for added strength, or down to a tiny #2 size screw for an even smaller actuator. Metric sizes are available upon request.

Safe to Use and Operate – The Frangibolt® Actuator does not pose any safety concerns to personnel, is low shock, and insensitive to ESD (Electro-Static Discharge).

Cost-Efficient – We have been manufacturing these actuators for Cubesat and other applications for approximately 10 years now and has streamlined production to be able to produce them at a fraction of the price of traditional non-pyrotechnic release devices.

  • Non Pyrotechnic and Field Reset-able
  • Redundant Firing Circuit
  • Maximum Reliability Thru
    • Design Simplicity
    • Pedigree
    • Testability

* EBAD must provide the specially notched Titanium fastener. This is largely application dependent and is readily manufactured to customer specification.

Mass 0.3 oz [8 g]
Power 9 W @ 7 VDC
Operational Voltage 6 – 8 VDC
Current Draw 1.25 A @ 7 VDC
Resistance 5.5 ± 0.5 Ω
Max. Load Support and Release
150 lbf [667 N]
Function Time       30 sec. @ 7 VDC (23° C) Typical
Life 50 Cycles MIN
Operational Temperature -50° C to + 70° C
Bolt Tensile Strenght 630 lbf [2,802 N] Typical
Installation Torque  50 oz-in

Nominal values for estimation purposes only, Actual function time depends on application (joint) design and circuit used (primary or secondary).

Reset Tools:

The EBAD Mini Frangibolt® Actuator is rated to have a minimum life of 50 cycles. For continued testing and preparation for final installation, EBAD provides a mechanical reset tool as shown which will generate the force and stroke required to compress all the Mini Frangibolt® styles.

Compression of the Mini Frangibolt® Actuator is a simple 3 step process: First, install the unit in the fixture using the adapter provided. Second, tighten the drive screw using a torque wrench until the specified torque value as indicated on the reset tool has been reached.  Third, back off the drive screw and remove the actuator.  The whole process may be carried out in less than 30 seconds. Furthermore, the size and weight of the Mini Frangibolt® Compression Fixture make it fully portable allowing easy transport.


The Fasteners used in the Frangibolt® Actuator release system are an integral part of the mechanism. For all Frangibolt® Actuator sizes, a significant amount of testing was performed to derive the optimum material, notch profile and notch diameter. These features must remain constant for all applications. As per the standard fastener ICD, the customer typically specifies the Fastener type, grip and thread length as well as the notch location.

TiNi™ Fasteners are manufactured per strict tolerances and procedures involving both individual and lot-level testing and inspection.

The picture below illustrates some of the more common Fastener configurations that have been successfully used. Each suits a different type of Frangibolt® Actuator joint design and lends enormous versatility to this unique product. For custom fasteners, additional charges apply.

*Fasteners are made from 6AL-4V Titanium per AMS 4965 with a minimum tensile strength of 160 Ksi (1104 MPa) Note: All values are approximate and for reference only. Contact EBAD for detailed ICD (Interface Control Drawing).


The Washers used in the Mini Frangibolt® Actuator assembly are an important part of the mechanism. They serve the following critical functions:

  • They distribute the relatively high recovery stress generated by the SCSMA cylinder during actuation, on a much larger contact area;
  • G10 washers provide thermal isolation and it is highly recommended to install between Mini Frangibolt® Actuator and the structure;
  • They have a minimum thickness so as to minimize the overall length of the joint;
  • They have chamfers specially designed to match fillet radiuses of NAS bolts (at the location where the bolt head meets the bolt shank);
  • They have tighter fitting inner diameters designed to clear NAS bolt shanks while at the same time maximizing coverage of the SCSMA cylinder.

Lock Nuts:

Custom lock nut shown on this page has been widely used with the Mini Frangibolt® Actuator release mechanism. They offer the following key features:

  • They are made from Solution Treated and Aged Titanium  6AL-4V STA.
  • They have locking helicoil inserts made out of 304 stainless steel with a minimum tensile strength of 74 ksi.
  • They have a washer face for more even load distribution.
  • They offer a higher profile than other NAS nuts thereby increasing the number of threads engaged and reducing the stress in the thread.

Note that not all Mini Frangibolt® Actuator designs require a nut as many threads directly into a flange or structure. In this case, it is important that the threaded connection be designed to withstand the tensile strength of the notched Frangibolt® Actuator.


The enclosure shown is a generic design meant to show how the Frangibolt® Actuator can be held down and retained after actuation. This is done using a thin-walled aluminium housing which is held down using a low profile ring. Note that making these 2 parts as separate pieces allows the enclosure to be rotated into the exact position desired for each application. A third component in the form of a silicon rubber dampener is incorporated inside the can to avoid metal on metal impact during actuation.

In many cases, a separate enclosure (as shown) is not necessary because such a means can be designed directly into the releasable joint.

*Note: All values are approximate and for reference only. Contact EBAD for detailed ICD (Interface Control Drawing).

Switch Washers:

The Switch Washer is a combination Switch and Washer developed as a simple means of determining when the Frangibolt® Actuator has functioned. It comprises of a top and bottom bearing surface, internally mounted spring and a pair of mating electrical contacts. The spring is preloaded to generate more than 3 lbs of force to keep the top and bottom surfaces separated thereby firmly biasing the switch to the Open position. However, once installed on a bolted joint and tightened to the prescribed torque, the top and bottom surfaces are brought together closing the switch contacts and preloading the Mini Frangibolt® Actuator joint assembly. The switch contacts remain closed until the Mini Frangibolt® Actuator releases the tension by breaking the bolt during actuation. At this time, the spring once again returns the Switch back to the Open position within a fraction of a second.

The Switch-Washer may be used in one of two ways: It can be wired in series with the Mini Frangibolt® Actuator to act as an automatic shut-off switch, or it can be wired as part of a separate circuit to serve as a feedback loop to a controller.

*Note: All values are approximate and for reference only. Contact EBAD for detailed ICD (Interface Control Drawing).