ISIS Full Ground Station Kit for VHF/UHF/S-band

ISIS Full Ground Station Kit for VHF/UHF/S-band


With its ground station ISIS offers a turnkey solution that is specifically designed for small satellites in Low Earth Orbit using VHF, UHF and S-band radio frequencies. The ground station can autonomously track selected satellites by using a steerable antenna system. This complete kit includes all hardware and software to get up-and-running quickly.

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  • Instrumentation Rack containing:

  • Steerable Antenna System

    • Azimuth and elevation rotators with speed up to 60 /sec
    • Hot-dip galvanized steel mounting mast
    • UHF and VHF Yagi antennas with Low Noise Amplifiers
    • 2.0m dish with helix feed, LNA and cavity filters for S-band (2200 – 2290 MHz or 2400 – 2450 MHz)
    • Lightning protection system
    • 20m of cable between 19″rack and antenna included in price
  • Standard Software
    • Satellite tracking software pre-installed
    • Autonomous tracking with scheduler
    • Debian/GNU LINUX operation system pre-installed
  • Compact setup
    • The ground station equipment (except the antenna system) is fitted into a single 9-U 19” rack which allows the ground station to fit in almost any location.
  • Remote Operations
    • It is possible to configure and control the ground station remotely through the internet.
    • Software compatible to be used as Data Distribution Center (DDC) in ground station networks.
  • Complete ground station solution
    • The ISIS ground station kit provides you with a complete solution if you are looking for a means to start communicating with Low-Earth Orbit satellites.
  • Educational value
    • A small ground station also provides an opportunity to provide hands-on educational projects with a focus on telecommunications on technical schools and Universities.
  • VHF System noise figure: 1.6 dB
  • UHF System noise figure: 2.0 dB
  • S-band System noise figure: 0.9 dB
  • VHF antenna: 12.3 dBic gain, switchable RHCP-LHCP
  • UHF antenna: 15.5 dBic gain, switchable RHCP-LHCP
  • S-band antenna (2m): 31.35 dBic gain
  • Power supply: 110V or 230V AC (selectable) 50/60 Hz
  • S-band cavity filters to suppress UMTS intereference