Gen 1: CubeStar

Gen 1: CubeStar


CubeStar is a miniature, low-power, medium-accuracy star tracker for CubeSat and small satellites. The low power is achieved by lowering the update rate to 1 Hz, using a wide field-of-view lens, and designing power-efficient electronics. CubeStar outputs inertially referenced attitude quaternions or matched vector pairs for use in an external ADCS application.

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Lead Time: 16 weeks

Vendor: CubeSpace
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  • Low power – less than 142Mw average power
  • Wide FOV lens – 99% sky coverage
  • Low mass – less than 60g
  • Simple design with 4 mounting holes


Technical Specifications


Accuracy 0.02° (across boresight)


Max Slew Rate [°/s] 0.3
Update Rate [Hz] Up to 1
Field of View [°] 42
Mass [g] 55
Dimensions [mm] 50x35x55
Operating Temperature [°C] -10 to 60
Power & Data
Supply Voltage 3.3V
Average Power [mW] 142
Peak Power [mW] 264
Communications I2C/UART
Vibrations 14g RMS
24kRad> 24kRad


Trade-off Table

Eclipse Performance Very high
Eclipse Availability High
Sunlight Performance Very high
Sunlight Availability Sensitive to sun in FOV
Attitude Determination Roll, pitch and yaw
Typical Applications
Earth Observation (EO)