Gen 1: CubeWheel Small Plus

Gen 1: CubeWheel Small Plus


CubeWheel is a family of reliable and easy-to-integrate satellite reaction wheel that comes in small, small+, medium, and large sizes. It includes a highly balanced flywheel disc, a brushless electrical motor, an electronic driver, and a microcontroller circuit. The wheels can be given a speed reference command through I2C, UART, or CAN.

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Lead time: 12 weeks

Vendor: CubeSpace
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Easy Interfaces

  • Each wheel is mountable on its small or large face, enabling the option to mount the wheel in all axes of your satellite.
  • CubeWheel can operate at a wide range of voltages between 6.5V and 16V.

Modular Design

  • Four available sizes meet the typical CubeSat ADCS needs ranging from 2 CubeSat up to a 20kg satellite.
  • CubeWheels are designed modular, with shared electronics design between all sizes of its wheels.

Reliable Package

    • Each reaction wheel is individually balanced to reduce vibration.
    • All wheels provide a durable and reliable mounting interface under vibration.
    • Comes with all driving and interfacing electronics integrated into a complete package.

Technical Specifications

Speed Range [RPM] ±6000
Max Momentum [mNms] 3.6
Max Torque [mNm] 2.3
Static Imbalance [g-cm] <0.004
Dynamic Imbalance [g-cm²] <0.0014
Mass [g] 90
Dimensions [mm] 33.4×33.4×29.7
Operating Temperature [°C] -10 to 60
Power & Data
Supply Voltage 3.3V & 6.4 – 16V
Average Power [mW] 190
Peak Power [mW] 2.3
Communications I2C/UART/CAN
Vibrations 8.9
Radiation 24kRad