Gen 2: CubeTorquer (CR0004)

Gen 2: CubeTorquer (CR0004)


CubeTorquer is a nanosatellite magnetic torquer that uses a specially treated ferrous core with ultra-low remanence and high linearity. An extensive range of magnetic torquer rods which is easy to integrate into satellite structures through the low-profile connector and different mounting options.

Our torquers are built using automated machinery and goes through rigorous testing, which ensures absolute repeatability, and enables high volumes and low cost. With their compact design, and low-profile connector, they are perfectly suited for satellites where space and mass are of high priority.

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Lead Time: 8 weeks

Vendor: CubeSpace
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  • Heat treated core
  • Robust mounting
  • Molex Micro-lock family across all Gen2 devices
  • High magnetic gain
  • Large size range from 1-27U

Technical Specifications

Max Voltage [V] 5
Minimum Magnetic Moment [AM²] @ 5V 0.40
Magnetic Gain [AM²/A] 3.3
Linearity [0-5V] 2.50%
Nominal Resistance [Ω] 39.5
Mass [g] 22
Dimensions [WxHxL] [mm] 10.5×10.5×59
Power & Data
Connector Molex Pico-Lock
Qualification Level
Radiation N/A
Random Vibration 14.16 g RMS (NASA GEVS)
Thermal vacuum [°C] -20 to 80
Thermal cold and hot start [°C] -35 to 70