IQ Spacecom X-Band Antenna

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IQ Spacecom X-Band Antenna

X-Band Patch antennas are provided for receiving and transmitting radio equipment for Cubesats as well as for bigger satellites. The antennas will be designed on customer-specific requirements in terms of frequency, bandwidth, size, connectors, gain, and pattern.

  • Circular polarization (RHCP)
  • High gain
  • Ultra-small shape
  • Low mass
  • Compatible to 1U CubeSat
  • Robust design

Lead Time: 3-4 months after confirmation of specifications

X-Band Antenna Datasheet

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This COTS antenna is designed for pico and nano satellite applications to realize satellite links. The mechanical dimensions fit a 1U CubeSat as well as larger satellites. With circular polarization, the antenna provides a robust solution regarding the steering accuracy to the ground station antenna. Due to the four combined patches, a high antenna gain can be achieved, considering small form factor requirements.

As an RF interface, a robust SMA (female) connector is used. Four screws provide a proper mounting of the antenna. The antenna backside shall be grounded properly to the satellite chassis. As dielectric, ROGERS™ laminate for space applications is used. Patches and conductors are Cu with NiAu surface finish. With the basic design, TRL 9 has been achieved with various successful LEO missions. Alternative designs for X band uplink frequency and X band downlink frequency are available.

  • Flight grade tested design
  • Patch antenna design
  • Cost-effective
  • Short delivery time


X band Tx operation 8.025-8.400 GHz

7.145-7.250 GHz

Maximum gain (main direction) 10 dBi
Half power beam width 40°
RF power input < 2W
VSWR < 1.4 typ.

< 1.8 @ full BW

Impedance 50 Ω
Polarization RHCP (opt. LHCP)
Temperature range -30°C… +60°C
Mass 20 grams
Type Patch
Connector type SMA (f)
Outer dimensions (x/y/z, w/o connector) 60 x 40 x 1.8 mm³