QubeFlex CubeSat/SmallSat Transceiver/Modem

QubeFlex CubeSat/SmallSat Transceiver/Modem


The QubeFlex™ software-defined modem has been designed for the low-earth orbit CubeSat and smallsat markets. Commercial applications demand fast time to market and reliable comms. QubeFlex™, as part of our end-to end comms solution, provides a professional off-the-shelf solution suited to the current and future needs of CubeSat users. The QubeFlex™ supports Intelsat, CCSDS telemetry and other common space transmission and packet standards. Forward error correction ensures data is protected against transmission loss. High data rates ensure maximum data can be received on each satellite pass. The QubeFlex™ demodulator will acquire and remain locked to the signal even when faced with the largest Doppler frequency shifts causedby fast-moving low-earth orbit satellites. Demodulator output is formatted for convenient onward computer processing and storage. QubeFlex™ is a highly flexible, configurable platform allowing the user to only pay for the functionality they need.

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Fully configurable – pay only for what you need!

Option Description
Base Modem 2.4kbps to 2.048Mbps Tx/Rx CCSDS/Intelsat modem

4-port Gigabit Ethernet switch for modem control and satellite traffic; includes all features described under Ethernet Standard Features

CCSDS & Intelsat Forward Error Correction as described under Forward Error Correction

IF operation: 50 to 180MHz

L-band/S-band operation (standard): 950 to 2450MHz; high-stability 10MHz reference

Doppler limits (standard): +/-255kHz, +/-2.1kHz/s

Carrier roll-offs (standard): 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, 35%

LinkGuard™: Signal-under-carrier interference detection web spectrum graph showing received spectrum and any interference underneath the received carrier

Web browser monitoring tools: Spectrum display, constellation monitor, TCP/IP throughput

Test facilities: includes all features described under Test Facilities

AC mains input
*Note that either a serial interface option and/or the ‘Data Conversion to IP’ option must be selected

Rx-only A discount is applied when the modulator function is not required
Data Rate 5Mbps data rate: Extends base operation to 5Mbps

10Mbps data rate: Extends 5Mbps operation to 10Mbps

25Mbps data rate: Extends 10Mbps operation to 25Mbps

60Mbps data rate: Extends 25Mbps operation to 60Mbps

Terrestrial Interfaces Serial EIA-530 interface: Supports RS422/X.21/V.35/RS232; 25-pin D-type female connector; maximum data rate for RS232 is 100kbs and for all the others is 10Mbps

High-speed LVDS serial interface: 25-pin D-type female connector; maximum data rate is 50Mbps

Extended Doppler Extends base modem Doppler limits from +/-255kHz, +/-2.1kHz/s to +/-400kHz, +/-5kHz/s
Extended Roll-offs Extends base modem carrier roll-offs to include up to 60% roll-off (selectable in 1% increments)
Data Conversion to IP IP processing as described under ‘Traffic Interfaces’
Tx Frequency Extension Extends standard Tx L-band/S-band operation upper limit from 2450MHz to 3GHz
Rx Frequency Extension Extends standard Rx L-band/S-band operation upper limit from 2450MHz to 2750MHz
DC Input 24V DC: K3023 24V DC primary power input (in place of 100 to 240V AC input)

48V DC: K3018 48V DC primary power input (in place of 100 to 240V AC input)