Helios deployable antenna

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Helios deployable antenna


The Helios Deployable Antenna can be customized to operate from 400Mhz to 3000Mhz. The HCT Helios series of antennas can accommodate several operational purposes from near hemispherical coverage to narrow beam-widths, including ISO-FLUX beam patterns. The Helios antenna has been created with a memory shaped alloy deployment, bringing reliability to space-based deployments and eliminating the need for burn wire and other mechanical deployment methods.
Antenna patterns can be arranged to be either right hand or left hand circularly polarized. Thus, having significant advantages over linearly polarized antennas. The antennas can be developed to reside in less than one-half of a 1U Cube structure. This makes the innovative Helios Antenna appropriate for small satellite applications.

Availability: 90 days

*price from $12000

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• Applications:
– CubeSat TT&C
– CubeSat RF Payloads
• Lefthand or Righthand Circular antenna polarization
• Dual Modular Redundant Release Mechanism
• Designed for combination with multiple Receiver/Transceivers
• Compatible with ISIS products and recent Pumpkin, ClydeSpace
and GomSpace products
• Compliant to CubeSat standard

• RF Impedance (deployed): 50 Ohms
• Max RF Power: 1 Watt
• Frequency Range: 400-3000 MHz
• Electrical Power: 8 VDC at 7 Amps for 1 minute to deploy
• Envelope Stowed (l x w x h): 100mm x 100mm x 35mm
• Antenna Axial Height (deployed): 330mm
• Supply Voltage: 8 VDC at 7 Amps for 1 minute to deploy
• Operational Temperature Range: -40°C to 85°C
• Antenna main beam gain: 3dBi+
• Deployment Duration: 60-90s
• Antenna Return Loss at resonance frequency: >10 dB
• Power Consumption:
– Nominal: 0
– During Deployment: 8 VDC at 7 Amps for 1 minute to deploy
• And also available in 436MHz and 2.3GHz
• Interfaces: RF input/ output: MCX Coaxial Connector

• Qualified vibration and thermal testing completed by the Air Force Institute
of Technology at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio.
• Space Rated by the United States Air Force

1 to 4 units – US clients $34000 per unit/International clients $36000 per unit

5-10 units – $28500 per unit

11-20 units – $25250 per unit

More than 21 units – $23500 per unit

Obs.: The frequency range for these configurations is available for 400-3000 MHz.